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BushWrapz specialises in providing PPF (Paint Protection Film), which is scratch-proof wrapping for vehicles. They are experts in their field and are known for keeping vehicles looking fresh and protected, even in the roughest 4x4 terrains. By using PPF, BushWrapz can help protect a vehicle's paint job from chips, scratches, and other forms of damage, ensuring that the vehicle looks its best for years to come. In April 2022, BushWrapz approached farsiight to help them take their already impressive organic video content from Tik Tok and Instagram to the next level by leveraging it in a full-funnel paid media strategy. They were seeking a partner who could help them establish a solid marketing framework to reach their monthly sales targets and provide expert guidance on creative briefs. Maddison Lawrence, the director of BushWrapz, said they were in search of "structure and routine" and desired "excellent communication and advice" - all of which farsiight delivered in spades! 🔥


The Partnership

Our partnership with BushWrapz began with a shared vision to create a digital marketing strategy that would enable them to achieve their business goals around growth and profitability. As we joined forces with their team, we conducted an in-depth analysis of their current advertising mix to identify areas of improvement and gaps that needed to be addressed. Our team of social and search engine wizards then set to work, crafting a comprehensive plan that would help improve traffic and conversions. We kicked the relationship off with Meta ads first. With a brand like BushWrapz, where the PPF is virtually invisible once applied to a vehicle, we knew we were going to need to think outside of the box with our creative approach. With this in mind, our expert creative strategists and media buyers put their heads together to develop a robust list of concepts for testing, from scratch test videos to short install demos, unboxing videos, user-generated content and customer testimonials. By combining creativity with data-driven insights, we were able to achieve outstanding results, driving increased engagement and conversions for BushWrapz within only a couple of months. 😍 Second to this, we also wanted to establish efficient ways of working together and create an ‘in-house’ feel with streamlined communications and a routine for creative approvals and delivery. The BushWrapz team previously found it challenging to stick to a consistent content creation schedule, so we implemented open lines of communication to share feedback in Slack and Monday.com with regular briefing meetings. With a collaborative approach, we were able to move quickly and efficiently push ads to market that reflected the quality and personality of the BushWrapz brand.


The Process


In addition to a rock-solid creative strategy, our team also identified some optimisation opportunities within the Meta ad account. After analysing their target audience, website traffic, and conversion rates, we refined the account with a best practice sweep, taking a data-driven approach to identify the campaigns, audiences, and creative content that historically performed above or below KPI targets.

Another huge goal for the BushWrapz team was expanding their business into the USA. Once we had established what performed best in Australia, we worked with the BushWrapz team on preparing for their first international launch. We analysed the competitive landscape to identify opportunities and threats, helping BushWrapz to position their brand effectively. We also conducted extensive analysis of US slang, overlanding forums and 4x4 terminology, ensuring our ads used the right language to connect with their target audience. We also worked with them to identify which US states were most popular with 4x4 enthusiasts, allowing us to craft a localised approach that would resonate with their target market. To further support their US launch, we provided creative suggestions and guidance on pre-launch lead generation tactics and email sequences, helping to build excitement and anticipation for their arrival in the US market. Our collaborative efforts helped position BushWrapz so they were ready for growth in this new market.

Another exciting frontier for BushWrapz was expanding their paid channels to include Google Search, Display, and Shopping. To help them achieve their goals, our team of PPC experts collaborated with BushWrapz to develop a comprehensive strategy that would optimise their performance across these channels. We developed highly targeted campaigns that focused on specific keywords and audience segments, ensuring that we were reaching the right people with the right message at the right time.


The Performance

At farsiight, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results for our partners, and we believe that a key part of this success comes from our commitment to testing and experimentation. We are always on the lookout for new opportunities to improve the overall performance of our clients' accounts, and our partnership with BushWrapz was no exception. Together, we worked tirelessly to brainstorm new ideas and concepts, continually testing and refining our approach to ensure we were delivering the best possible performance. As a result of our efforts, we were able to achieve some truly impressive numbers and stats for BushWrapz:


Increase in online sales


Increase in Average Order Value


Increase in ROI from paid media