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We are farsiight, the performance marketing agency that your current agency is worried about. And rightly so. We have a long (and growing) list of case studies documenting the massive impact we have delivered for unicorns ($1b+ market cap), fast-scaling startups and everything in between. At the heart of our agency lies our mission, people, and culture - we invest heavily in fostering a workplace that draws in the best and brightest minds in digital to deliver truly exceptional work for our clients.

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Our Story

farsiight was born out of the partnership between two brothers Josh & Ben Somerville. Seasoned executives and marketers in their own right, their combined two decades of experience and passion for driving business growth is the foundation of our agency. The two i’s in farsiight are symbolic of this partnership which over time has evolved to encompass the partnership between our team and our clients. And yes, the rumours are true. The idea for farsiight was born whilst Josh & Ben were on a trip to Las Vegas...


Our Mission

"Our agency's mission perfectly articulates why I started farsiight. I had a deep passion for helping grow brands I genuinely believed in, and a burning desire to build an agency with an ironclad reputation for operating with integrity. With special thanks to Creative Director, Phil Nobay, we've managed to put this into words 6 years later, our mission is Growth for Good."

Joshua Somerville


Founder & Director @ farsiight


Client Success

We've got a big stack of wins we're bloody proud of. However, you'll note that we will never claim full attribution - pun intended. The brands we work with are the real heroes of these stories. Click below to check out our case studies.