AroFlo is a cloud-based job management software for trade businesses. The platform allows office and field teams to work better together to improve the profitability of each job. From humble beginnings in 2001 in a home office in suburban Melbourne to servicing over 2,500 trade businesses across Australia and New Zealand, AroFlo is now part of one of the world's largest field service software groups. When AroFlo approached farsiight in January 2022, they were looking for a proactive paid social and design partner to help them acquire new users through Meta and reach their next level of growth. They wanted an agency that is creative and innovative in their advertising strategies, and is willing to think outside the box to help AroFlo stand out in a crowded market. With deep experience in the SaaS industry, and understanding the unique challenges and opportunities that come with marketing SaaS products, farsiight was the perfect match! "We engaged farsiight to take control of our paid social campaigns to build brand awareness and generate more leads, particularly at the top of the funnel. farsiight were a referral from another satisfied SaaS client.” - Sarah Scammell , Growth Marketing Lead

AroFlo platform

The Partnership

From the very beginning, we recognised the pivotal role of creative assets in driving growth for the AroFlo Meta account. As a SaaS company, good graphic design is essential to effectively communicate complex concepts in a clear and engaging way. Our 4-week implementation phase was marked by extensive competitor and persona research, which was plugged into our creative and audience testing framework. To capture the attention of potential users, we developed eye-catching assets focused on creative positioning that spoke directly to the user’s pain points, aspirations, and the unique benefits of using AroFlo. Then through a series of tests, we collected data on how different creative elements and audience segments performed in terms of engagement, click-through rates, and conversions. “farsiight constantly develop and test creative that works on our target social media platforms, in addition to building and testing new audiences. They have a tried and tested formula they operate behind the scenes to build audiences and drive conversions.” - Sarah Scammell , Growth Marketing Lead Our goal with AroFlo has always been to create ads that not only look visually stunning, but also speak directly to the specific needs and interests of the target audience. To this day, we are still using some of the top-performing audiences from our initial testing phase, but we’ve never stopped continually testing new audiences and creatives either. The pursuit of growth requires constant iteration and experimentation. The farsiight design team has continually thought outside of the box, developing fun and unique creatives, such as AroFlo’s top-performing video featuring a snail versus a racecar or our top-performing copy which includes a poop emoji in the headline. With this innovative test and learn approach, we’ve been able to create highly effective ads that drive engagement and leads, while also setting AroFlo apart from the competition. “What I found most impressive is their willingness to try new initiatives. They constantly informed us of new developments and showed genuine excitement for growing our brand.” - Sarah Scammell , Growth Marketing Lead


The Process


In November 2022, after almost a year of consistent growth through paid social, AroFlo made the strategic decision to bring Google Ads and Bing Ads onboard with farsiight too. This was an exciting opportunity for farsiight as it gave us the ability to expand our reach even further with an omni-channel approach. Leveraging multiple channels to reach AroFlo’s target audience meant we could provide a seamless user experience, and deliver a consistent message across all touchpoints.

AroFlo scheduling
AroFlo reducing paperwork

AroFlo wasn’t particularly happy with their previous PPC agency. Their average cost per lead was very expensive and the account was driving poor quality traffic. So we set out to optimise the account to help bring it up to best practice and increase cost efficiency. Our PPC specialists utilised high-traffic and relevant keywords that were aligned with AroFlo’s goals and target audience, and we tidied up the negative keywords to help eliminate irrelevant website visitors, reduce wasted ad spend, and improve the overall performance of the campaigns.

AroFlo business platform
AroFlo online platform

In early 2023, farsiight also worked closely with AroFlo to launch their brand new trial program AroFlo GO on all channels, ensuring seamless alignment between advertising campaigns and the company's overall marketing strategy. This launch resulted in month-over-month user growth and a significant lift to AroFlo’s conversion rate.


The Performance

AroFlo's collaboration with farsiight has been hugely successful. The business has experienced a significant increase in lead volume through paid channels. farsiight has broken records and surpassed targets across all three accounts (Meta, Google Ads, and Bing).


Reduced AroFlo’s Google Ads cost per lead by 78%, saving them thousands of dollars.


Increased monthly lead volume (free trials and demo bookings) on Meta by 310%


Decreased cost per lead by 66% on Meta


What Aroflo had to say about the outcome

“We've experienced an increase in quality leads who reference Social Media ads as a driver to our website. farsiight have excellent systems, processes and regular video link ups in place for workflow communication. I often forget we are actually located in different states. Our Partner Manager is like an extension of our marketing team, supported by a gun team of digital marketing experts.”

Sarah Scammell


Growth Marketing Lead