Knobby offers an underwear subscription service that puts the “party in your pants”. From panthers to swooping magpies, aliens, pizza and astronauts, the Aussie business is well-known for their quirky limited edition prints and cheeky brand personality. The business serves tens of thousands of subscribers in countries around the world, delivering a new, colourful pair of underwear to their doors each month. Knobby has experienced fast growth. In recent years, they’ve been ramping up the undergarment game, evolving their product range and positioning to reach a larger audience and expand their reach. When they approached farsiight in mid 2021, they needed a PPC agency who could play an important role in supporting their next level of growth, including launching several new product ranges and delivering a truly scalable strategy for Google Ads. Being that Knobby’s core revenue model is subscription based, they also needed a partner with a strong background in marketing Lifetime Value (LTV) products. With a proven track record serving Partners with subscription models and scaling ecommerce fashion businesses, farsiight was up for the challenge! 💪


The Partnership

When Knobby signed up for our PPC Services, we were thrilled to help take their Google Ads account to new heights. Our first step was conducting a comprehensive audit, examining every aspect of their campaigns to identify opportunities for improvement. With a thorough analysis of their campaigns, targeting, and optimisation strategies, we identified numerous areas for improvement that would maximise their return on investment. From creating a proper funnel strategy to refining their keyword selection and implementing best practices like call-to-actions and bid adjustments, we had over 30+ suggestions to take their account to the next level. Despite Knobby’s Google Ads already delivering six figures in revenue and driving a significant portion of their customer acquisition, Knobby's account had a lot of untapped potential. Our PPC specialists were eager to get started with opportunities like fixing ad split-tests that were not set up correctly, introducing urgency language and promotion extensions, refining their keyword strategy and introducing new high intent keywords with better potential.


The Process


We hit the ground running by setting up more sophisticated engagement audience lists based on behaviours like multiple product views, time on site, add to cart and initiate checkout. Using remarketing engagement audiences offered several benefits, including higher conversion rates, improved relevance, increased brand awareness, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to customise our messaging based on someone’s previous interactions with Knobby.

We also quickly recommended expanding into Display and Discovery since Knobby is a very visual brand and engagement is driven by their unique prints and artist collaborations. The added bonus? Display and Discovery can be more cost-effective than search campaigns. With a lower cost per click, we could tap into a much larger audience for a lower cost. We provided creative briefs and visual guidance to Knobby’s design team so they could help us create beautiful assets featuring recent print launches and collection drops. By working collaboratively, we were able to craft engaging campaigns that converted well.

But, we didn't stop there - we also delivered a powerful YouTube strategy for Knobby that tested the waters with both TOF brand awareness ads and MOF remarketing ads. As a highly visual platform, YouTube was the perfect place for us to showcase Knobby's unique products through dynamic video content. To maximise our impact, we tested a range of ad formats, including skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads, and discovery ads. With our extensive testing and fine-tuning, we were able to optimise our approach and deliver powerful results that drove engagement and boosted Knobby's brand recognition. To further optimise Knobby's Google Ads performance, we also conducted a thorough audit of their Shopping feeds. By streamlining their product data and implementing best practices for feed management, we were able to improve their product data quality, enhance their visibility, and drive more high-intent traffic to their site. Later, we also launched a new Performance Max campaign, leveraging the power of machine learning to deliver highly relevant, highly personalised ads to Knobby's target audience across a range of different channels.


The Performance

Through the collaborative effort between Knobby and farsiight’s teams, we’ve achieved some awesome performance! - A 55% increase in revenue, a 14% increase in conversions, and a 12% in ROAS from when they first came onboard in July 2021 to February 2023, compared to the previous period. - Successfully launched new YouTube, Display, Discovery and Performance Max campaigns, increasing overall impressions and brand awareness. - Since starting work with them, their videos have had 676,276 views and their click-through rate has increased by 126%. 294% growth in conversions and a 22% decrease in the CPA for Black Friday/Cyber Monday in 2021 compared to 2020.


Month on Month Revenue Growth

Blended ROI Across Paid Media


of Monthly Sales Revenue Generated from New Channels