Discovery is a two-sided marketplace that connects customers with local trades & services in Australia. The platform was founded by an innovative team on the Gold Coast who identified a gap in the market for a more streamlined and user-friendly way to find reliable and affordable trades and services. The company has been a flagship account of our agency for the past 6 years, during which we have worked closely with Dan to help solve the problem of scaling up quote requests for the platform's service providers. When we first began working with, the primary challenge they faced was how to scale up the number of quote requests that were being generated on the platform. While the vendor side of the marketplace was growing rapidly, recognised that they needed to find another reliable and scalable channel to feed the businesses with constant work. They were already running PPC campaigns in-house, but felt like he had hit a ceiling and was ready to take things to the next level. And farsiight was up for the challenge! 🔥

Partnership testimonial

The Partnership

The partnership between farsiight and was built on a foundation of shared values. Dan the CEO from had previously experienced negative outcomes with other agencies, particularly as it related to integrity and transparency and was seeking a partner that he could trust. We knew we could deliver the service and exceptional customer experience he was looking for. One of the key factors that contributed to the success of our partnership was our commitment to regular face-to-face meetings in the early stages. Dan appreciated the fact that we were local and that we were willing to invest the time and effort to build a strong relationship. These meetings allowed us to align our goals and strategies and ensured that we were always on the same page. This was pre-covid back in 2018, where virtual meetings with video were still not the norm. Initially, we worked with Dan as a consultant and provided guidance to his in-house team on how they could better structure the account to improve the performance. As our partnership evolved, the opportunity arose to take over the entire account and manage the strategy from end-to-end. We embraced this challenge with enthusiasm and worked tirelessly to deliver a PPC strategy that combined with their efforts, constantly smashed quote request records.


The Process


The task at hand was to scale quote requests and maintain a target cost-per-lead (CPL) that Dan was comfortable with. During our initial audit, we noticed a keyword gap in the account that had a potentially large upside based on estimated monthly traffic and competition. Before implementing the new keyword strategy, we identified another significant opportunity to drive more scalability into the account by increasing the click-through rate (CTR). The account was primarily targeting Australia-wide with ad copy that lacked localisation. Given that most users searching on Google for trades and services want localised results, we knew that restructuring the account regionally presented a great opportunity. ad ad

These initial optimisations led to record months in quote requests and we were off to a flying start. As the PPC platform and competition evolve yearly, we have adapted our overall strategy to ensure that Dan stays ahead of the curve. There have also been changes in the KPIs we are responsible for, so it has been crucial for us to remain flexible and receptive to experimenting with new strategies, which has played a pivotal role in our long-term engagement and success on this account. ad ad

Here is a sample of some of the on-going tests we run for Dan: - Experimenting with automated bidding to see how much additional scale we can drive for the same CPL. - Setting monthly budgets at the service level, to ensure an even distribution of leads for his service providers. - Setting up additional tracking to measure post-lead events to ensure we’re optimising for qualified leads. - Setting up search and display retargeting, to nurture users as they go through the consideration phase of a decision. More recently, we’ve engaged with to deliver a paid social strategy as a way to continue scaling up quote requests.


The Performance

Since partnering with, we have witnessed extraordinary growth and performance in their accounts. Since partnering together in 2018,'s quote requests have increased on average by 32% year on year. Additionally, the CPA has remained under the target allowing us to open up new acquisition channels like Meta.


YoY Growth in Quote Requests For 5 Years


What had to say about the outcome

“The efforts have fulfilled expectations, resulting in continued collaboration and high-quality work. As a partner, farsiight brings dedication and strong attention to detail that make the collaboration flow smoothly. Their diligence in producing reports has proven to be valuable. We’re really happy with the quality of their work. They are diligent in working to achieve our goals.”

Dan Kerr