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Leading Brisbane performance agency farsiight has announced the launch of its new market positioning: Growth for Good in response to a changing business landscape, marking a departure from a “growth at all costs” mentality that has defined the industry in recent years.

Agency founders and brother duo, Josh and Ben Somerville, envision Growth for Good as a comprehensive philosophy that extends internally and externally, guiding farsiight’s relationships with both employees and clients. The initiative reflects the agency’s commitment to ethical business practices, employee well-being, and sustainable client success.

Josh Somerville, Co-Founder and Director, explained the agency’s ethos: “farsiight was born after I became disillusioned by my experience working in agencies in Australia and North America. I really wanted to bring about change in the industry, so we made a conscious decision from the very beginning to operate ethically and build an agency that is synonymous with integrity. Growth for Good articulates our approach to business with our employees and clients.”

Ben Somerville, Agency Director, shared his insights on the evolution of farsiight: “Since opening shop in 2017, we’ve put a lot of effort into hiring great people and doing great work. When you do those two things well, client growth follows pretty quickly. Honestly, after five years in the game, we took a step back and it was clear that growth had started to develop a bad reputation. Agency growth is great, but not if it leads to team burnout or scaling through unethical means. We want to keep a clear distance from all that and protect our team’s energy and enthusiasm. Growth for Good solidifies this promise.”

Internally, Growth for Good serves as an ethical filter for client selection, ensuring a value alignment with farsiight’s mission and core values. Before responding to brand pitches, prospective clients are vetted for three things: mission alignment, values fit, and whether the agency can contribute to Growth for Good with the brand. It fosters a workplace culture where employees experience substantial career growth, working with exciting, ambitious brands and benefiting from personal and professional growth initiatives.

Externally, Growth for Good represents farsiight’s brand promise, prioritising integrity and sustained success for the brands they collaborate with. This positioning also influences the agency’s hiring process, emphasising alignment with the mission and core values.

The Growth for Good promise is exemplified by farsiight’s client partnerships. Work180, endorsing great workplaces for women; BARE, giving Australian’s the choice to celebrate loved ones their way, without the inflated price tag; and Active Truth, offering inclusive activewear for plus-size and maternity, are prime examples of clients aligning with the agency’s ethos.

The agency’s commitment to employee growth saw the introduction of “Siighter Growth Plans”. The employee-centric framework, developed in collaboration with Davy Partners, includes monthly one-on-one meetings, quarterly growth check-ins, and semi-annual growth conversations. The initiative aims to create one of Australia’s top workplaces for digital marketing talent and recently saw farsiight acknowledged as a Smart50 Workplace by SmartCompany.

Signalling strong demand in the market, farsiight has recently welcomed new clients to its portfolio, including Knog, Mocka,, and Muval, with engagements spanning omni-channel strategies, paid social, PPC, and creative services.

The agency has also recently made key appointments to strengthen farsiight’s capabilities and its commitment to Growth for Good including Kayla Dancaster as Head of Digital Performance, Meg Atkin as Operations Manager and Kate Sheridan as Paid Social Team Leader.

About farsiight:

farsiight is a Brisbane-based performance and creative agency founded by brothers Ben and Josh Somerville in 2017. With a mission to redefine ethical business practices in the industry, farsiight is committed to Growth for Good, emphasising sustainable growth for clients, employee well-being, and ethical partnerships.


Josh Somerville

Josh loves a good pair of socks, so much so that he walks around the office without shoes on… a little too often. We’ll cut him some slack since he literally couldn’t hurt a fly and buys the team beer. Josh is the taller co-founder who’s still trying to beat his 62 year old father at Triathlon, with little luck and a bruised ego for it. When he’s not ensuring ad platforms are working cohesively together he’s probably spending his time with his partner Emily balancing the relationship between his cat Marco and border collie Bailey.