How it Started

When Adrift Clothing approached farsiight in early 2022, things were already going exceptionally well for the brand. With a successful David Jones partnership, multiple retail stores, and over 100 employees both locally and globally, the business had a strong foundation for growth and was ready to scale! 🔥 As a fast fashion business, Adrift’s collections sell quickly and their business demands agility and responsiveness from their advertising agency. They needed a partnership with a proactive and creative team who would swiftly grow their customer database and increase website conversions and revenue, all while maintaining fast turnaround times and open communication. "We were struggling to find a proactive, transparent and dedicated digital marketing agency. Our previous agency was a predominantly male led team who struggled to understand our customer and did not understand the fast fashion nature of the business. As a result they were slow to change ads and update content for us. As soon as we met with farsiight we knew they were the perfect agency for us.” - Veve Holmes, E-commerce Manager

From the beginning, we had two clearly aligned goals: firstly, to develop a data-driven paid growth strategy, leveraging the amazing foundations Adrift had already established with a strong return customer rate and beautiful creative assets. Secondly, to implement efficient ways of working together and create a more ‘in-house’ feel with streamlined communications. With a refined full-funnel strategy, we hit the ground running in February 2022 with two hugely successful collection releases and a knock-out Afterpay Sale. A year later in February 2023, we generated a 45% increase in revenue year-over-year and we’re not slowing down! The results are truly phenomenal. 😍

Adrift Fashion
Adrift Fashion

The Partnership

Adrift was hesitant to switch agencies, as they had experienced some difficulties with their previous agency. However, our team made the transition smooth and easy for them. We took the time to understand their brand message and objectives, visual identity, target audience, and long-term goals. We provided them with a fresh perspective on their advertising strategy and utilised historical data and competitor research to identify new opportunities to increase sales, which helped to re-energise their team and bring new ideas to the table. “farsiight conducted an objective review of our current paid advertising strategy with recommendations on how they would scale up our campaigns. We found this initial step extremely insightful. farsiight went above and beyond (any other agency we have worked with previously) to learn about our brand, our customer and our business.” - Veve Holmes, E-commerce Manager We established clear processes for managing Adrift’s growth, including the collaborative direction of creatives and the delivery of targeted weekly new arrivals ads with an easy and streamlined approval process. With a fortnightly meeting and open lines of communication to share feedback in Slack and, we were able to move quickly and efficiently push ads to market that reflected the quality and elevated standard of the Adrift brand. “Amazing communication with the team. We had fortnightly WIP calls and daily communication with our team via Slack. They moved fast to push out campaigns without sacrificing the quality of work.” - Veve Holmes, E-commerce Manager

Over the following months, we got into a groove and loved working with Adrift’s Ecommerce Manager Veve Holmes, Brand Manager Sunny Colquist and Social Media Manager Ali Donnellan. Beyond celebrating some fantastic results, we enjoyed getting to know the Adrift team and developing a strong relationship. Each week we laughed together, brainstormed, shared wins, leveraged each other’s strengths, and continually iterated upon our learnings to improve our strategy and creative direction. Sunny said “I felt like we really clicked straight away. I just like the energy. Like they use cute emojis, they laugh, they send us pictures of their holidays. The way farsiight have communicated with us and explained this field has been really refreshing”. Ali said “The best part is that it feels like one team, the Adrift team. It seems like we’re all working in the same building together, even though we chat over Slack. They write and say we want this creative or copy and we go back and forth and it feels very collaborative.”

Adrift Fashion

The Process


We’re immensely proud of the significant month-over-month growth we’ve been able to achieve for Adrift through farsiight’s test and learn framework. Through systematically testing new ads and ongoing data analysis, we’ve been able to refine our strategy and optimise our campaigns to maximise Adrift’s return on investment.

Adrift Fashion
Adrift Fashion

A/B split testing enabled us to identify areas for improvement and make adjustments to optimise performance at each stage in the funnel (TOF, MOF, BOF). By testing multiple variations of an ad, we were able to identify which elements performed best with our target audience. For example, we tested different headlines, calls-to-action, copywriting, images, ad formats, hero products, and colours to see which combinations generated the best results. Over time, this iterative process of testing and optimising resulted in significantly higher click-through rates, reduced CPCs, better conversion rates, and ultimately helped us refine our creative strategy over time, improving the overall effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

Adrift Fashion
Adrift Fashion

Here is a sample of some of the learnings we gathered: Lifestyle video performed the best at TOF Lifestyle carousels performed the best in retargeting (MOF & BOF) Lifestyle videos had the highest Thumb Stop Rate (TSR) Plus-size models featured in the top performing assets at TOF The proof is in the pudding: we increased Adrift’s TOF conversion rate by 32% year-over-year by testing new audiences and a variety of ad types.


The Performance

Through the collaborative effort between Adrift Clothing and farsiight’s teams, we’ve achieved successful year-over-year business growth and hit record breaking sales targets. We’ve been able to scale ad spend without falling below our ROAS target and accomplish account growth month-over-month through our approach to refining the strategy and optimising our ads based on data and creative insights. It’s worth noting that we have surpassed every single monthly paid ads revenue target (13 months and counting! 🎉)


45% year on year revenue growth (Feb 2022 vs Feb 2023)

Average blended ROAS across paid media over 12 months


<$11 average blended cost per purchase over 12 months


What Adrift had to say about the outcome

“We tried a couple of different agencies and I was not happy. But I’ve been really pleased with farsiight’s transparency, response time and performance… Pretty much every promotion that we’ve done with farsiight has worked to optimum… I’m really looking forward to working with a team that I trust, that are going to work as partners with us to build really great performance [and] maximise our sales and specials.”

Rebecca Pullar